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Yahoo Messenger: bobby_voicu (if mass message is your thing, you might get ignored at the first one!)

Who am I? Good question, harder to answer, though.

Bobby Voicu

My name is Bogdan (Bobby) Voicu, I live in Romania and, in the spare time, I do stuff on the internet hoping to earn enough money so that I can travel for the next two years of my life. Well, at least this is what I wanted 3 years ago, when I started reading about people making money over the internet.

Three years later: it is a lot harder than they actually say, I still haven’t made the trip, but there is a chance I will :)

Right now, among other things, I do online communication consulting and blogging consulting for business and corporate blogs and for personal branding blogs, as well, I have a radio show about internet (in Romanian, except this 2 hours show when I interviewed Jeremy WrightDownload ), I started the Romanian Bloggers’ Community and Forum and usually I have a lot of fun doing fun stuff on the Internet.

Best things that happened to me in all my internet years? I met a lot of people, I made a lot of friends and I learned that as long as you would do the work that you do even if you weren’t paid for it, then you just found your perfect job.

Moreover, I am a JCI Romania member since 2007. I have participated in the 2007 JCI World Congress in Antalya.

Now, go back to your jobs and stop peeping into my life :D

Below there are recordings from shows I’ve been invited to to talk about blogging, on different TV stations and online sites (all in Romanian, unfortunately):

12 thoughts on “Who am I

  1. yours: “if mass message is your thing, you might get ignored at the first one!”
    correct: “if mass message is what you’re thinking, you might get ignored at the first one!”

  2. @Ken: Thanks for the headsup, but I was actually thinking of the expression “sth being your thing” (like: if running is your thing…). I hope it makes more sense now :)

  3. am si eu o intrebare: daca vreau sa iau leg cu bobby voicu,la ce adresa de email ii pot scrie ptr a primi si raspuns? astept raspuns aici sau pe adresa mea de email.merci.

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