10 thoughts on “De ce sa nu ti se puna pata pe un blogger

  1. You will have to deal with blogger’s-block. And another rejection letter from blogspot saying the post couldn’t be published due to error 505.
    You’re better off shagging a DJ.

    Hahahahaha :))

  2. Remember when your mommy told you that the internet is full of psychos? Guess what? Psychos have blogspot accounts too. They are in no way limited to icq anymore.

    =)) =)) =))

  3. Mda, uneori se pune pata pe bloggeri. Chair prietenii de la o vreme imi spun ca de cand am blog am succes la fete :)) Ma rog, exagereaza, dar in legatura cu articolul pe care l-ai mentionat e cam credibil :)

  4. E clar ca cel care a scris articolul nu l-a cunoscut pe nihasa. Eu zic ca pica testul credibilitatii; bloggers have full lives and are very happy.

  5. You will notice that when people are happy and busy, they don’t put up new posts.

    -> aia li se intampla doar bloggerilor cu fusta. De asta e plina blogosfera de barbati fericiti.

  6. “secretly, all bloggers are nerds” mwahahahaha… exact la asta ma gandeam azi, ca toti nerdsii din liceu, dupa ce depasesc varsta pubertatii, devin programatori, sau bloggeri, sau antreprenori online, si alte cele. ma bucur ca cineva gandeste la mine. dar exista povesti de-astea de successful flirting in blogosfera romaneasca? daca da, they should be damn publicized! :)

  7. oooh but someone should write smth’bout the futility of fallin for a gamer…no, WOW is not a twilight zone. yes, it’s the best contraceptive method eva’. remember: grilfriends come and go, but some items are soulbound…:D right are cineva shi alte petitii proclamatiuni vis-a-vis de gameri? please fulfill my evil wishes>:)

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